Broon and Enlon are the last two beings left alive in the universe. As they wait in some barren caves, Enlon is desperate to venture outside while Broon just wants to sit and await the end in peace. Sharing countless stories and guided by their flashbacks, dreams, and premonitions, the siblings begin to unravel some very real and very sinister questions about the peaceful agrarian society they left behind. Yet some questions remain: can they reconcile their past to survive their future?

Playwright: Ildiko Susany
Director: Sarah Vickery
Sst & Costume: Phillip Kolotas
Celloist: Georgia Ellen
 Ildiko Susany & Cameron Croker
Trailer filmed & edited by Michael Garrard

Sarah Vickery’s direction should be mentioned. Her polish gives the small production a professional feel. Philip Kolotas' set design is mesmerizing as well as versatile and Georgia Ellen’s haunting Cello caps off a potent theatre experience… This is a cerebral piece expect to be challenged. But it is well worth it. Very rewarding. 
— Lisa Thatcher

…It is superbly acted by Croker and Susany, beautifully directed by Sarah Vickery, and the script is sublimely poetic. If you go, you MUST be prepared to pay attention, to not blink, but I highly recommend you do go. 
—Theatre from the Back Seat, Jodi McAlistar

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