Faculty of Fine Arts and Music - Martyn Myer Arena 2018
When a lie is woven together with the truth, what and who do you believe? When words have the power of life and death who pays for the consequences of their actions? Mary Tilford whispers a lie about her teachers Karen Wright and Martha Dobie that is believed to be true. The consequences of this lie unravel the lives of all who come into contact with it. This production of The Children's Hour focuses on what it means to be injured by speech. This is a play about linguistic survival. It's about the violent role that speech can have on the body, sexuality, social constructionism and relationships. Philosopher and gender theorist Judith Butler states, 'To be injured by speech is to suffer a loss of context, that is, not to know where you are. If language can sustain the body, it can also threaten its existence.'*
*Butler, Judith. Excitable Speech : A Politics of the Performative. London: Routledge, 1997.
Playwright: Lillian Hellman
Director: Sarah Vickery
Assistant Director: Grace Lowry
Dramaturg: Jean Tong
Costume & Design: Bethany J Fellows
Sound & Composition: Ben Houghton
Lighting Design: Brooke Van Eerden
Olivia Ramsay, Claire Sara, Anjelica Angwin, Nisha Marie Joseph, Linda Cookson, Victoria Haslam, Rebekah Hill, Sarah Bolch, Paige Joustra and Elias Jamieson Brown

Trailer filmed and edited by Kirsty O'connor. Music by Ben Houghton
Images by Vivian Smith

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