The Butterfly Club 2017
    Image by Emmanuel Aroney
Fiona Scarlett hates ‘love’. Useless, nasty little emotion. Downright dangerous if you ask Romeo or Juliet. The world is in love with being in love but it’s time for a reckoning and Small Acts of Love is your perfect weapon. Arm yourself with anti-love stories that will toughen your hide and leave you jaded and cynical before you can say ‘gin martini’. The lovepocalypse is coming in this night of hilarious story-telling and song. 

Small Acts of Love is a black comedy that rips down the ‘happily ever after’ backdrop and exposes love’s shrivelled truth. Four lovelorn characters weave their stories of the irrational, often hilarious moments that snared them in love’s trap and spat them out bleeding cabaret numbers. If you prefer the title Four Funerals And Look! Another Funeral!; if you would rather eat a notebook (sans sauce) than watch The Notebook; or if you view Romeo and Juliet as the greatest news report of all time, Small Acts of Love is the bitter pill you’ve been looking for.

Starring Fiona Scarlett with Angus Gray on keys
Directed by Sarah Vickery

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