Lyssa’s play is set in 1980s Australia and tells the story of Theenie, a lesbian and mother of one, who is facing a legal battle for custody of her child. Theenie is faced with a terrible choice: either give up her baby – or give up her sexual identity and opt for life as a dutiful wife.
Lyssa’s play interweaves Theenie’s plight with that of classic tales of female sacrifice from Iphigenia to Ophelia... Unlike her literary counterparts, Theenie is not isolated, however, and has a supportive community surrounding her.
More than 30 years since it was first staged, Lyssa’s play still remains relevant to audiences as a reminder prejudices still exist and the fight for equality for LGBTQIA+ people is far from over.

Playwright: Alison Lyssa
Director: Sarah Vickery
Producer: Gavin Roach
JM Burdon, Faran Martin, Leo Domingan, Ali Aitken, Emma Louise & Karoline O'Sullivan

Director Sarah Vickery has managed to bring out the humour in a play which is essentially very sad.  The energy levels and staging are clever and the 80s costumes, especially the men's shorts are most entertaining and nostalgic. 
— Sydney Arts Guide

Sarah Vickery’s direction, like the pinball, brings colour, movement, bells, and whistles to the work, effectively preventing the play from lingering too much in dark and dour territory.
— Suzy Goes See

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