Melbourne Fringe Festival 2017
And Then The Snow Fell On Egypt aims to take the audience into the world where our treasured memories are stored.
Four actors cast, but only two will be picked at random on the night, making And Then The Snow Fell On Egypt a unique two hander show. A story of longing, love and never quite letting go. A place where reality and dreams exist. A space that time forgot. With themes that will echo with many.
Told in the heart of an art gallery, And Then The Snow Fell On Egypt is only limited by the imagination and connection with one’s self to experience the ebb and flow of a world between what we know, and what we long for.
Playwright & Producer: Gavin Roach
Director: Sarah Vickery
Assistant Director: Eva Torkkola
Adam Hetherington, Elias Jamieson Brown, & Perri Cummings

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