The Last Frontier Theatre Conference - Valdez Alaska 2017
Image by Gregg Workman
In A Very Modern Marriage, we meet Matthew and Tina on the night of their wedding anniversary, which Tina forgot and Matthew didn't mention so that he could bring it up at the perfect passive-aggressive moment. Into this messy argument of a marriage comes Tina's GBF (gay best friend) Christopher - who has left his boyfriend and needs a place to stay. His arrival will shake up their marriage and revive Tina's failing business, but his secret goal is to banish Tina from Matthew's life and slide neatly into her place.
Torn by both love and resentment for Tina, and his suppressed but growing interest for Chris, Matthew struggles in a rapidly escalating battle that comes to a head when Tina walks in on their first kiss, and tries to shoot Chris but misses and gets Matthew instead. From there... things only get worse. Ultimately, love conquers all and everyone lives happily ever after... just not in the way you expect!
PLAYWRIGHT / Arthur M. Jolly
DIRECTION / Sarah Vickery
PRODUCED BY / The Owl and Cat Theatre Company
CAST/ Gabrielle Savrone, Shane Savage & Tom Carty

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